Software development

Our team has experience developing high-performance distributed services, robust embedded firmware, and experimental scalable projects. We manage every step domestically to provide long-term stable platforms for those seeking infrastructures to help streamline their business's products and services. Our applications provide analytical interfaces  for transportation, Oil & Gas company process control, and commerce systems. 


We also offer dock side support operations, but may join transpacific shipping routes to finish integration of complex live systems. Our industrial software portfolio offers operational statistics, self diagnostics, and global Internet M2M remote access.

Live Graphs

Our solutions are designed for busy people, and we offer intuitive industry specific work-flow HMIs. Accordingly, our reporting file formats include cross-platform compatible CSV formats most statistical tools like Microsoft Excel can process.

Dock side GPRS linkAt sea

The Vancouver based IT staff also offers local small-businesses our provisioning & maintenance services for secured hosting, Virtual Private Networking, and e-mail servers. For example, our website is auto-generated by our proprietary software, and integrates a malware scanner in the email servers. However, our staff has created thousands of auto-generated and manual PS-to-CSS sliced site templates, and offers unique insights into the often misunderstood SEO ecosystem.

Software and hardware interfaces
Deck HMI
Process Monitor